§ 1304.



On or after June 30, 2003, a City Department or Contractor may apply to the Department for an exemption from the ban on the purchase of preservative-treated wood containing arsenic imposed by Section 1303. The application for an exemption shall be filed on a form specified by the Department. The Department may grant the exemption upon a finding that the City Department or Contractor has:


Made a good faith effort to purchase an alternative on the list adopted by the Department pursuant to Section 1302 of this Chapter; or has demonstrated that the alternative is not economically viable for the proposed use or is not practical in limited circumstances; and


Developed a best management practice, including a plan for minimizing leaching or contact with human skin, if the exemption is granted.


(Added by Ord. 171-03, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003)

(Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21G.5; added by Ord. 15-03, File No. 021791, App. 2/7/2003)


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