§ 1401.


For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words have the following meanings:


“Alternative Daily Cover” or “ADC” shall mean materials, other than soil, that have been approved by the California Integrated Waste Management Board or a successor agency for use as an overlay on an exposed landfill face.


“Bio-mass Conversion” shall mean the controlled combustion, when separated from other solid waste and used for producing electricity or heat, of wood, woodchips, woodwaste, tree and brush prunings. Bio-mass conversion does not include the controlled combustion of recyclable pulp or recyclable paper materials, sludge, medical or hazardous waste.


“Construction and Demolition Debris” shall mean building materials and solid waste generated from construction and demolition activities, including, but not limited to, fully-cured asphalt, concrete, brick, rock, soil, lumber, gypsum wallboard, cardboard and other associated packaging, roofing material, ceramic tile, carpeting, fixtures, plastic pipe, metals, tree stumps, and other vegetative matter resulting from land clearing and landscaping for construction, deconstruction, demolition or land developments. This term does not include; refuse regulated under the 1932 Refuse Collection and Disposal Initiative Ordinance or sections of the Municipal Code that implement the provisions of that ordinance; materials excavated from the public right-ofway; or, unless otherwise specified in Section 1402(b), materials source separated for reuse or recycling. Hazardous waste, as defined in California Health and Safety Code section 25100 et seq., as amended, is not Construction and Demolition Debris for purposes of this Chapter.


“Department” shall mean the San Francisco Department of the Environment.


“Director” shall mean the Director of the Department of the Environment or his or her designee.


“Facility” shall mean a facility that receives and processes construction and demolition debris into its component material types for reuse, recycling, and disposal of residuals.


“Person” shall mean a natural person, a firm, joint stock company, business concern, association, partnership or corporation or governmental entity, including the City and County of San Francisco and its departments, boards and commissions for projects within the geographic boundaries of the City, and its or their successors or assigns.


“Recover” or “Recovery” shall mean any activity, including source reduction, deconstruction and salvaging, reuse, recycling and composting, which causes materials to be recovered for use as a resource and diverted from disposal.


“Registered Transporter” or “Registered Facility” shall mean a person who holds a valid registration issued by the Director pursuant to this Chapter.


“Transport” or “Transportation” shall mean transportation of construction and demolition debris, “Transport” or “Transportation” does not include transportation of less than one cubic yard of construction and demolition debris or transportation in a vehicle that has no more than two axles and no more than two tires per axle.


“Transporter” shall mean a person that transports construction and demolition debris as defined in this Chapter. “Transporter” does not include a person that owns the property at which the construction and demolition debris was generated.


“Vehicle” shall mean a vehicle used to transport construction and demolition debris as those terms are defined in this Chapter.


(Added by Ord. 27-06, File No. 051142, App. 2/16/2006)


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