§ 1502.


In coordination with and on behalf of the participating departments, the Director of the Department of the Environment, after a public hearing, shall adopt and may amend guidelines, rules, regulations and forms to implement a Green Business recognition program for various business sectors, including the application process, eligibility criteria and qualification as a Green Business. Eligibility and qualifications shall include, without limitation, thresholds and standards for: recycling and waste reduction; energy conservation; water conservation; and pollution prevention in light of feasible resources and technologies. Prior to adoption or amendment of guidelines, rules or regulations, the Director of Public Health shall certify to the Director of the Department of the Environment that the guidelines, rules or regulations are consistent with local, state and federal environmental and health regulations and with the Department of Public Health’s environmental and health objectives. The participating departments shall review eligibility and qualification criteria at least once every other year and the Director of the Department of the Environment shall amend the regulations as necessary.


(Added by Ord. 21-06, File No. 051818, App. 2/3/2006)


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