§ 18.6.



The program will be administered by the Program Administrator, which shall be the SFPUC, acting by and through its Power Enterprise. SFPUC shall coordinate administration of the Solar Energy Incentive Program with the implementation and administration of CCA to maximize its efficiency in achieving the renewable energy expansion goals contemplated under CCA.


The Program Administrator shall develop rules and application procedures.


The Program Administrator shall establish reasonable eligibility criteria for the incentive payments so that the program is available to all applicants within the City regardless of their customer relationship with any particular electric service provider. For ease of administration these criteria shall be deemed satisfied when an applicant provides appropriate evidence that the applicant is entitled to payments under the California Solar Initiative as authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission and the State of California under SB1 (Chapter 132, Statutes of 2006) (as such program may be amended from time to time, the “California Solar Initiative”); provided, however, that demonstrating eligibility for the California Solar Initiative shall not be the sole means of establishing eligibility. The Program Administrator shall also establish reasonable and clear eligibility criteria for approving incentive payments to applicants who are not beneficiaries of the California Solar Initiative, which criteria shall include (but are not limited to) confirmation that the applicant has installed the system in compliance with all applicable laws, including Department of Building Inspection inspections and approvals.


If there are applications for assistance in excess of appropriated funds, the Program Administrator shall grant applications in the order they were filed. The Program Administrator shall develop a reservation system which will allow applicants to request that the Program Administrator reserve funds for a proposed project. Such reservation system may be patterned after that utilized by the California Solar Initiative.


The Program Administrator shall maintain annual program funding as identified within the SFPUC Power Enterprise budget as the Solar Energy Incentive Fund. At the end of each fiscal year, any program funds that were not expended shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year. Upon a finding as to the continuing effectiveness of the Solar Energy Incentive program in achieving its objectives such funds shall be appropriated then or thereafter for the purposes specified in this Chapter.


The Program Administrator shall determine and implement payment procedures for incentives under the program. Such payment procedures may include the option to make payments on applicants’ behalf directly to installers or other entities. Such payments shall not be considered contracts or grants of the City for any City procedural contracting ordinances, and no requirements shall be imposed as a condition of receipt of such incentive payments aside from those specifically referenced in this ordinance and as necessary to protect the City from legal liabilities and promote the goals of this ordinance.


The Program Administrator shall monitor the effective costs of renewable energy system installation and other related market information for purposes of making the adjustments described in Section 18.4(d)(ii).


The Program Administrator shall establish boundaries for any Environmental Justice District identified for purposes of Section 18.4(b)(iii). Any such district shall satisfy the goals, objectives and definitions of environmental justice and Environmental Justice Districts, as such concepts are set forth at any given time under state and local law.


The Program Administrator shall submit to the Board of Supervisors a status report on the first six-months of the program, within 45 days of the end of the first six months of the program. The Program Administrator may submit an interim status report upon the exhaustion of either of the funding pools described in Section 18.7-5 and shall otherwise provide written monthly status reports. The Program Administrator shall submit to the Board of Supervisors a report evaluating the first year of program operation, within 90 days after the end of the first year. The report shall provide an analysis of the impacts of the program, including, without limitation, the number and location by district of the projects funded, the amount of energy generated by the projects, and the amount of time and money spent on program administration. The report shall evaluate the economic and other benefits of the program and provide a cost-benefit analysis. The data and analysis presented in this report shall inform future program funding, operation, and amendments.


In the context of funding appropriations for this program in future years, the Board of Supervisors will (i) Consider the Program Administrator’s first-year report, identified in subsection 18.6 (i) above; (ii) Review and approve the Environmental Justice District boundaries established by the Program Administrator pursuant to subsection 18.6 (h); (iii) Review and approve any new or modified criteria or incentives established by the Program Administrator.


(Added by Ord. 102-08, File No. 071679, App. 6/18/2008; Ord. 42-09, File No. 090100, App. 4/2/2009)


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