§ 1910.



A property owner or manager may seek a waiver from the Director of all or portions of this Chapter, if the applicant submits documentation, using a form specified by the Director and including a signed affidavit under penalty of perjury, that shows that the property does not have adequate storage space for containers for recyclables, compostables or trash. In cases where after on-site verification space limitations are determined to exist, the Director shall evaluate the feasibility of sharing containers for recyclables, compostables or trash with contiguous properties, and, where feasible, requiring container sharing in lieu of providing a waiver.


Except as otherwise required by the Director, a collector may drop-off compostables or recyclables at the San Francisco transfer station that have been collected from public trash containers. The Director may require public trash containers to have a recyclables receptacle attached.


(Added by Ord. 100-09, File No. 081404, App. 6/23/2009)


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