§ 201.


The purpose of this Chapter is to reduce negative impacts to human health and the environment through the development of specifications for City purchases that:

1. Reduce occupational health hazards for City staff as well as reduce exposure of City residents and visitors to potentially toxic chemicals by purchasing products for use in City operations that do not harm human health or the environment;

2. Reduce San Francisco’s contribution to global climate change by purchasing products that lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from Commodities;

3. Improve the air quality for San Francisco residents and visitors by purchasing vehicles and motorized equipment that minimize emissions of air pollutants;

4. Protect the quality of San Francisco’s ground and surface waters by eliminating the use of chemicals known to contaminate local water resources through toxicity, bioaccumulation or persistence; and

5. Preserve resources locally and globally through purchasing practices that include:


Maximizing water and energy efficiency and favoring renewable energy sources;


Maximizing post consumer recycled content and readily recyclable or compostable materials;


Favoring long-term use through product durability, repairability, and refuse; and


Considering life cycle economics of a product that includes manufacture, transportation, use and disposal.


(Added by Ord. 115-05, File No. 050595, App. 6/17/2005)

(Former Sec. 201 added by Ord. 171-03, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003; repealed by Ord. 115-05; Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21F.2; added by Ord. 121-99, File No. 990405, App. 5/21/99)


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