§ 202.


Unless otherwise defined below, words in this Chapter shall have the same meanings as those words in Chapter 21 of the Administrative Code.


“Approved Alternatives List” shall mean the list of alternatives to a product in a Targeted Product Category identified, evaluated and approved by the Director. Products on an Approved Alternatives List will have a lesser impact on human health and the environment compared to other similar products, consistent with the Precautionary Principle as defined in Chapter 1 of the Environment Code.


“Commission” shall mean the Commission on the Environment established by Charter section 4.118.


Contract” shall mean an agreement with a nongovernmental entity for the purchase of Commodities at the expense of or to be paid out of moneys deposited in the treasury or out of trust moneys under the control or collected by the City and County of San Francisco. The term “Contract” shall include a purchase order or other written instrument for the purchase of Commodities.


“Contractor or Contracting Party” shall mean a person that enters into a Contract with the City.


“Department” shall mean the Department of the Environment established by Charter section 4.118.


“Director” shall mean the Director of the Department of the Environment.


“Targeted Product Category” shall mean a broad category of products routinely purchased by the City which have been identified by the Commission as having undesirable environmental health impacts for which alternative products should be identified and substituted.


(Added by Ord. 115-05, File No. 050595, App. 6/17/2005)

(Former Sec. 202 added by Ord. 171-03, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003; repealed by Ord. 115-05; Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21F.3; added by Ord. 121-99, File No. 990405, App. 5/21/99)


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