§ 205.



Each City department, board and commission subject to this Chapter shall cooperate with and provide in writing to the Director all information necessary or the Director to carry out her or his duties under this Chapter. Appropriate City department personnel will attend training offered by the Director.


Not later than twenty months from the effective date of this Chapter, and annually thereafter in December, each City department that purchases Target Products shall provide a report to the Director including the following information:


A list of Contracts, including the amount spent and actual quantities purchased (to the extent feasible), issued for products in each Targeted Product Category in the prior period.


A summary of any waivers from this Chapter in the prior period.


In addition to these obligations, each City department shall use its best efforts to incorporate Commodities from the Approved Alternatives List into existing Contracts. If the City department is unable to amend an existing Contract, the City department is authorized to enter into another Contract to procure such products, provided that the City department complies with all other applicable laws. Nothing in this Chapter is or shall be interpreted to require or authorize any City department to breach the terms of a Contract. Each City department shall document its efforts pursuant to this Section in the annual report filed under Subsection (b), explaining the circumstances.


(Added by Ord. 115-05, File No. 050595, App. 6/17/2005)

(Former Sec. 205 added by Ord. 17103, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003; repealed by Ord. 115-05; Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21F.6; added by Ord. 121-99, File No. 990405, App. 5/21/99)


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