§ 208.


Whenever any City department finds, after an investigation by the contracting officer and the City Attorney, that a person or entity being considered for a Contract or under Contract with the City has, in connection with the bidding, execution or performance of any Contract:


Falsely represented to the City the nature or character of the Commodities offered, used or supplied under the Contract; or


Knowingly provided the City with Commodities in violation of this Chapter or the rules or regulations adopted pursuant to this Chapter, the contracting officer shall have the authority to impose such sanctions or take such other actions as are designed to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. For purposes of this subsection, knowingly has the same meaning as in Chapter 6, Section 6.83 of the Administrative Code.

The City may take any enforcement action authorized by Chapters 21 or 28 of the Administrative Code, including, without limitation, department.

Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to relieve a Contractor of responsibility for providing a satisfactory product.


(Added by Ord. 11505, File No. 050595, App. 6/17/2005)

(Former Sec. 208 added by Ord. 171-03, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003; repealed by Ord. 115-05; Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21F.9; added by Ord. 121-99, File No. 990405, App. 5/21/99)


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