§ 2007.



The Director may adopt rules and regulations for the implementation of this Chapter, including rules for the electronic submittal of Annual Energy Benchmark Summary Reports and Confirmations of Energy Efficient Audits, as well as verification that the Department has received an Annual Energy Benchmark Summary or Confirmation of Energy Efficient Audit.


The Director may modify or suspend the requirements of this Chapter if:


The State of California or Federal government adopts a similar or more comprehensive building energy performance rating program, and such regulation requires comprehensive rating and/or public identification of existing building stock; or,


The Director makes written finding to the Commission on the Environment that a technological deficiency in the evaluation tool or tools specified under this Chapter precludes compliance with this Chapter. The Director may lift all or part of such suspension upon the written finding that any such deficiency has been corrected.


(Added by Ord. 17-11, File No. 101105, App. 2/18/2011)


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