§ 2009.



Written Warning of Violation. The Director shall issue a written warning to any building owner he or she determines is violating any provision of this Chapter. In the event a building owner fails to file an AEBS report for 30 days or more after the relevant deadline, the Director shall indicate that building’s compliance status via the publicly accessible electronic reporting interface. If 45 days after issuing a written warning of violation from the Director, the Director finds that building owner continues to violate any provisions of this Chapter, the Director may impose administrative fines as provided in this Section.


Administrative Fines. Violations of the provisions of this Chapter, or of any regulations issued by the Director pursuant to Section 2007, may be punished by administrative fines as follows:


For buildings of 50,000 square feet and greater, up to $100.00 per day for a maximum of 25 days in one twelve-month period for each building in violation.


For buildings of 49,999 square feet or less, up to $50.00 per day for a maximum of 25 days in one twelve-month period for each building in violation.

Except as to the amount of administrative fines, set forth above, Administrative Code Chapter 100, “Procedures Governing the Imposition of Administrative Fines,” as may be amended from time to time, is hereby incorporated in its entirety and shall govern the imposition, enforcement, collection, and review of administrative citations issued by the Department of the Environment to enforce this Chapter and any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to this Chapter.


Use of Proceeds. Administrative fine collected under subsection (b) shall be used to fund implementation and enforcement of this Chapter.


This Section shall not apply to the City or to any municipally owned buildings.


(Added by Ord. 17-11, File No. 101105, App. 2/18/2011)


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