§ 310.



The Department shall hold a noticed public meeting at least once a year at which it shall consider issues related to pest management activities on City property, including the use of reduced-risk pesticides. Any City department or contractor granted a limited use exemption or an emergency exemption under Section 303 during the prior calendar year shall send a representative to the meeting to explain why the exemption was sought and what actions the department or contractor has taken under the exemption. Any City department or contractor using the highest risk products included on the Reduced-Risk Pesticide List maintained by the Department shall send a representative to the meeting to explain the reasons for using such products and how they have been used. The Department shall be responsible for notifying City departments of the meeting each year and of the requirements of this subsection. City departments shall cooperate in notifying their contractors of the same.


The Department shall establish a mechanism for collecting complaints from City residents regarding inappropriate pesticide use on City properties. The Department shall conduct any necessary investigations and respond to the complaints within 30 days of their receipt.


The Department shall maintain on its website an up-to-date list of all exemptions approved by the Department under Section 303.


(Added by Ord. 7-11, File No. 100761, App. 1/7/2011)


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