§ 404.



Unless granted a waiver under Section 404(b) or exempt under subsection 404(c), City officials may not purchase or authorize the purchase of any motor vehicle unless the purchase complies with each of the following:


The purchase complies with the Transit-First policy required under Section 403(a) and adopted by the department or City official for whose use the vehicle is principally intended;


A passenger vehicle or light-duty truck requested for purchase is an approved make and model under the applicable Online Green Vehicle Purchase Criteria Document; and,


The motor vehicle requested for purchase meets all applicable safety standards and other requirements for the intended use of the vehicle.


Waivers. The Director of the Department of Environment may waive the requirements of Section 404(a) where the Director finds that


there is no passenger vehicle or light-duty truck approved by the Online Green Vehicle Criteria Document that meets all applicable safety standards and other requirements for the intended use of the motor vehicle; or


the passenger vehicle or light-duty truck will be used primarily outside of the geographic limits of the City and County of San Francisco in location (s) which lack required fueling or other infrastructure required for a complying motor vehicle.


Exemptions. This Section shall not apply in the following circumstances:


To the purchase of emergency vehicles where the Public Safety Department concludes, after consultation with the Department of the Environment, that the purchase of a complying vehicle is not feasible or would otherwise unduly interfere with the Department’s public safety mission.


To the acquisition of buses by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority for public transportation purposes.


To any purchase necessary to respond to an emergency that meets the criteria set in Administrative Code Sections 21.15(a) or 6.60. In such cases, the department shall, to the extent feasible under the circumstances, acquire the noncomplying vehicles only for a term anticipated to meet the emergency need. Any City department invoking this exemption shall promptly notify the City Administrator and the Director, in writing, of the purchase and the emergency that prevented compliance with this section.


Wherever the purchase of a passenger vehicle or light-duty truck is exempt from the requirements of this section, City departments and officials shall select a vehicle with as low emissions and high efficiency ratings as possible.


(Ord. 278-10, File No. 101009, App. 11/18/2010)


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