§ 405.



The Director, in consultation with the City Administrator, shall implement and administer the Healthy Air and Clean Transportation Program, and, except as provided elsewhere in this Ordinance, the Director may from time to time promulgate appropriate rules, regulations and guidelines for such purposes.


The Department of the Environment shall issue, and update at least annually, an Online Green Vehicle Purchase Criteria Document listing baseline smog and global emission scores, including updates to those scores, for vehicles that may be purchased by City departments, and which shall govern the purchase of such vehicles in accordance with Section 404.


The Department of the Environment shall assist the City Administrator and all Departments in developing programs and implementing policies to achieve the Transit-First, municipal fleet retirement and reduction, and purchasing requirements of this Ordinance.


Subject to the budget, fiscal and Civil Service provisions of the Charter, the Director may appoint an individual who, under the direction of the Director and the Commission on the Environment, shall be responsible for the day-today operations of the Healthy Air and Clean Transportation Program, including but not limited to managing the day-to-day operations of the program, supervising staff and managing the budget.


City Administrator Regulations. The City Administrator shall, in consultation with the Department of the Environment, Controller, and other City officials with authority to purchase motor vehicles, promulgate regulations for approval of all purchases of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks which shall include, but not be limited to, a requirement that each request be accompanied by a written explanation of how the requested purchase complies with the City’s Transit-First Policy and the Department’s own policies as set forth in its reporting under Section 403(d).


The Controller shall not certify any City expenditure for the purchase of a motor vehicle, or for registration with the California Department of Motor Vehicles of any motor vehicle, unless the purchase complies with all of the requirements of this Ordinance.


(Ord. 278-10, File No. 101009, App. 11/18/2010)


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