§ 502.



It shall be the goal of the City and every City department to (i) maximize purchases of recycled products and (ii) divert from disposal as much solid waste as possible so that the City can meet the state-mandated 50% division requirement.


Within ninety (90) days of the effective date of this Chapter, each City department shall provide to the Director a written commitment signed by its department head to use its best efforts to help the City achieve its overall state-mandated diversion requirement and to maximize purchases of recycled products. Each department shall distribute copies of the written commitment to its employees and contractors within 30 days of execution.


Each City department shall designate at least one person responsible for compliance with this Chapter, including preparation of the Departmental Waste Assessment (see Section 503) and the development and implementation of a Resource Conservation Plan (504) Each department shall advise the Director of the person so designated in the written commitment described in Subsection (b).


All assessments, plans and reports required to be submitted to the Director under this Chapter shall be submitted electronically.


Within one-hundred eighty (180) days of the effective date of this Chapter, the director shall make recommendations to departments on the use of document imaging systems for storage, retrieval and public access to departmental records.


All contracts and other similar written agreements shall incorporate this Chapter by reference whenever applicable and shall provide that the failure of any bidder, proposer or contractor to comply with any of its requirements shall be deemed a material breach of contract.


(Added by Ord. 171-03, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003)

(Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21A.3; added by Ord. 83-00, File No. 000392, App. 5/12/2000)


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