§ 510.



Guidelines. Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Chapter and in accordance with Section 511, the Director will adopt a form for annual reporting on solid waste diversion. The form shall account for departments in each phase of development of a Departmental Waste Assessment and Resource Conservation Plan and for transition periods.


No later than March 1, 2001, and annually thereafter, each City department shall report solid waste diversion information to the Director, on forms provided by the Director, for the prior fiscal year. On and after March 1, 2003, the report shall contain information on the types and amount of batteries purchased, collected from and recycled by that department for the prior fiscal year. The annual report must contain a copy of any reports made under Subsections 506(c), 507(b) or (c) or 512(e) or (f) during the prior 12-month period.


No later than June 1, 2001, and annually thereafter, the Director shall prepare and submit a written report to the Board of Supervisors summarizing information provided by City departments pursuant to Subsection (b) and describing the status of the implementation of this Chapter. Among other things, the Director’s report shall specifically list each City department that failed to submit an annual report or otherwise conform with the requirements of this Chapter. On and after June 1, 2003, the Director’s report shall also contain recommendations regarding batteries and the feasibility of “extended producer responsibility.” Extended Producer Responsibility extends the traditional responsibilities that producers and distributors have previously been assigned (i.e. worker safety, prevention and treatment of environmental releases from production, financial and legal responsibility for the sound management of production wastes) to include management at the post-consumer stage.


(Added by Ord. 171-03, File No. 030422, App. 7/3/2003)

(Derivation Former Administrative Code Section 21A.11; added by Ord. 83-00, File No. 000392, App. 5/12/2000; amended by Ord. 21002, File No. 020784, App. 10/25/2002)


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