§ 703.



General Duties Under this Chapter. The Department of the Environment shall:


Develop goals, criteria, and strategies for optimizing municipal green building design, construction and operations and make policy recommendations regarding requirements for municipal construction projects to the Board of Supervisors;


Develop and oversee a training program in green building practices, including design, construction, alteration, renovation, operation and reuse of buildings for department heads and city architects, engineers, construction managers, building managers, department managers and finance officers employed by the City in order to implement the policies adopted by the Board of Supervisors;


Coordinate with the Task Force and other City departments having expertise with, or with responsibility for, compliance with the requirements of this Chapter, and on achieving municipal green building goals including, but not limited to, the Department of Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Building Inspection. These departments shall also assist the Director in providing advice, assistance, outreach, and education to other City departments concerning green building practices;


Provide technical project oversight and assistance directly to City project teams or through green building technical assistance contracts; and


Develop forms and materials necessary for compliance with this Chapter.


Guidance, Rules and Regulations. After a public hearing, the Director may promulgate such guidance, forms, performance procedures, rules and regulations as may be necessary or appropriate from time to time to carry out the provisions of this Chapter, including the adoption of forms necessary to implement this Chapter. The Director is authorized to call upon the Task Force and other City departments as necessary and appropriate to assist in developing such guidance, forms, performance procedures, rules and regulations. Such guidance, forms, performance procedures, rules and regulations may include adopting appropriate versions of LEED and adopting or modifying San Francisco-specific LEED requirements for municipal construction projects, as provided in Section 706.


The Director shall determine the costs of implementing this Chapter and shall request that relevant City departments provide work orders to the Department to cover the costs of implementing and maintaining the programs required by this Chapter.


(Added and former Sec. 703 repealed by Ord. 88-04, File No. 030679, App. 5/27/2004; amended by Ord. 204-11, File No. 110854, App. 10/11/2011, Eff. 11/10/2011)


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