§ 710.



The requirements of this Section (or of California Code of Regulations Title 24, Part 6, or subsequent State standards, whichever are more stringent) shall apply in all cases except those in which a City department is not responsible for maintenance of light fixtures or exit signs.


City departments shall be responsible for the cost of compliance and for ensuring that all applicable contract documents for the replacement and installation of light fixtures and exit signs contain the following requirements:


Exit Signs. At the time of installation or replacement of broken or non-functional exit signs, all exit signs shall be replaced with light-emitting diode (L.E.D.)-type signs. Edge-lit compact fluorescent signs may be used as replacements for existing edge-lit incandescent exit signs.


Fluorescent Fixtures.


Definitions. For the purposes of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:


“Luminaire” is an interior or exterior complete lighting unit, including internally or externally illuminated signs, consisting of the lamp and the parts designed to distribute the light, to protect the lamp, and to connect the lamp to the power supply, but not including illuminated utilization equipment or exit signs.


“Occupancy Sensor Control Device” is a device that automatically turns off a luminaire or series of luminaires no more than 30 minutes after it senses that the area is vacated.


“Utilization Equipment” is commercial, retail or industrial equipment, including but not limited to refrigeration equipment, fully enclosed retail display cases, vending machines, printing equipment or conveyors, which uses 4-foot or 8-foot fluorescent lamps (“tubes” or “bulbs”) as an integrated part of such equipment. “Utilization Equipment” shall not include furniture or workstations.


“Compliance Deadline” is the final date by which all fixtures using 4-foot or 8-foot linear fluorescent lamps to provide illumination are to be in compliance.


Compliance Deadline. The Compliance Deadline is December 31, 2011.


Mercury Content. The mercury content of each 4-foot or 8-foot fluorescent lamp (“tube” or “bulb”) installed in a luminaire after the Compliance Deadline shall not exceed 5 mg for each 4-foot fluorescent lamp, or 10 mg for each 8-foot fluorescent lamp.


Energy Efficiency. The lamp and ballast system in each luminaire that utilizes one or more 4-foot or 8-foot linear fluorescent lamps to provide illumination in a City-Owned Facility must meet at least one of the following requirements:


The lamp and ballast system emits 81 or more lumens per watt of electricity consumed;


The luminaire is controlled by an occupancy sensor control device that does not control an area in the building of more than 250 square feet;


The luminaire is fitted with a lighting efficiency measure approved by the Director as equivalent to the measures in subsections (i) or (ii) above;


The Director finds, based on the facts of the particular building and luminaire, that the energy savings from installing lighting efficiency measures meeting the requirements of this Section will be so insignificant over the life of the luminaire that the measure is not cost-effective; or,


If the City department elects to meet the requirements of this Section with measures that require permits, such permits shall comply with all other applicable requirements of this Code and all other applicable state and local laws.


Low Light Levels. The requirements of this Section shall not apply where the resulting luminaire will provide lighting levels at the work surface that are below the standards established by the Illuminating Engineering Society.


Waivers. By September 30, 2011, the Director shall act on all pending requests for City Departments for a temporary waiver of the requirements of this Section. The criteria for waivers for this Section shall be described in rules issued by the Director. The Director shall submit to the Board of Supervisors a list of all departments receiving waivers, and shall identify budgetary or other barriers to compliance cited in those departments’ waiver requests. Thereafter, the Director shall report on the effects of this Ordinance as part of the report required by Section 712.


Exterior Light Fixtures. At the time of installation or replacement of broken or non-functional exterior light fixtures, a photocell or automatic timer shall be installed to prevent lights from operating during daylight hours. The existing switching capabilities shall be maintained. Upon written request by a City department the Director may grant an exemption from the requirement of this subsection where lighting is necessary during daylight hours.


Other Technologies. Should the Director determine that light fixtures or exit signs that are more energy than those specified in the foregoing sections exist, the Director may, in consultation with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, establish a list of other energy-efficient light fixtures and exit signs that City departments may use pursuant to Section 703(b).


(Added as Sec. 705.3 by Ord. 88-04, File No. 030679, App. 5/27/2004; amended by Ord. 103-10, File No. 090584, App. 5/21/2010; renumbered and amended by Ord. 204-11, File No. 110854, App. 10/11/2011, Eff. 11/10/2011)

(Former Sec. 710 added by Ord. 88-04, File No. 030679, App. 5/27/2004; renumbered as Sec. 712 and amended by Ord. 204-11, File No. 110854, App. 10/11/2011, Eff. 11/10/2011)


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