§ 711.



The requirements of this Section apply to all City-Owned Facilities and City leaseholds.


The San Francisco Department of Public Health (”DPH”), in consultation with the Department, shall track Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) problems, including indoor air pollution, fumes, odors, humidity problems, and thermal and acoustical comfort issues, in City-owned buildings and City leaseholds through the Department of Public Works and the Real Estate Division’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).


City Departments not using the CMMS may complete a voluntary annual survey of IEQ information.


DPH shall compile tracking information from the CMMS and survey results into an annual analysis including commonalities among complaints and preventative techniques. The annual survey results and analysis will provide information with which to provide better solutions to IEQ problems and improve IEQ policy-making.


DPH will coordinate research and interventions relating to the causes, effects, extent, prevention, and control of indoor pollution, and will disseminate outcomes to City departments.


Pursuant to Section 703(a)(2), the Department, in consultation with DPH, will provide outreach and education programs for City Departments and design professionals on the importance of IAQ management in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of municipal buildings.


Construction specifications and facility maintenance protocols for City-owned Facilities and City Leaseholds shall include the following:


Implementation of moisture and mold management practices during the design, construction and maintenance of a building. City-owned Facilities and City Leaseholds shall have a system in place that provides prompt response and remediation for moisture infiltration, water damage and/or mold.


For new construction, elimination of building materials manufactured with lead. Eliminated materials are established by regulation, pursuant to Section 703(b).


Additional IEQ construction specifications and facility maintenance protocols for City-owned Facilities and City Leaseholds may be adopted by regulation pursuant to Section 703(b).


(Added as Sec. 705.4 by Ord. 88-04, File No. 030679, App. 5/27/2004; amended by Ord. 103-10, File No. 090584, App. 5/21/2010; renumbered and amended by Ord. 204-11, File No. 110854, App. 10/11/2011, Eff. 11/10/2011)


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